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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday Tip!

Tuesday, Tuesday, non-descript day!  Decided to change it up and have Tuesday Tip!  The tip may be about everything and anything, but probably most likely healthy stuff!
As the first tip, let's start in the morning!  I've always heard that water with lemon helps you lose weight.  Even years ago when I was a teen dieting!  Yes, I feel like I've been dieting all my life!  But there are many benefits to drinking water with lemon.  Instead OJ in the am, I'm now drinking water with lemon.  I figure I still get my dose of Vitamin C, plus I understand it cleanses you!!  Of course you need to keep the pantry stocked with lemons!  Check out the link above with other benefits.
Another 'tip' to get your weigh loss goals started, start slow.  You're not going to lose 10 lbs in 1 week!  Instead of soda (yes even diet which has sodium in it!), just drink water, with out without lemon!  Can you imagine how many calories alone that will save you?  Don't think a drink isn't filled with calories, because most of them are!
Oh, and on a hot and humid day like today, water with lemon is refreshing and will cool you off!  Staying hydrated also keeps you full!
Happy Tuesday!


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  2. Good tip, we all need that reminder to drink that water. Have a great week!

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