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Friday, July 8, 2011

Fun and Flirty Friday!!

So it's the unofficial start of the weekend, FRIDAY!  The day to get FUN AND FLIRTY!  So what does that mean you ask??  I don't know!  Just kidding!
So now you're ready for Happy Hour, but it's summer and you are counting your calories, order a Miller MGD 64!  Only 64 calories and it is very refreshing!  I must say that it's a girl's beer!
If you're not a beer drinker, try one of the varieties of Harbor Mist!  Refreshing sparkling wine!  Add a lot of ice and the calorie intake isn't so bad!
But if you like mixed drinks, try Devotion Vodka!  It's infused with protein and vodka calories are less than other types of alcohol!
Of course, never drink and drive!  I like to have a cocktail on my Tiki Bar!  So have a great weekend and have a Fun and Flirty Friday!
ps...picture of my Friday Fun and Flirty outfit on it's way.....