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Thursday, October 6, 2011

The evils of Facebook - people misusing the social media

About 3 years ago, I was introduced to this social experience called Facebook.  After being on myspace thinking I was 'cool', Facebook seemed to be more about connecting with friends then bands and musicians.
Anyway, the first 2 years were great, re-connecting with classmates and friends.  Hanging out on a weekend posting back and forth with your 'peeps' as if we were hanging out in a bar or restaurant.  Sending those 'cute' (or stupid?) gifts and then Farmville and Mafia wars took over!
I won't blame all the Facebook changes on my feelings, because in the past 3 years there were quite a few.  Perhaps the 'novel' feeling has worn off?  For sure the game playing has become overwhelming and a bit of a pain....but there is something else that I've seen on Facebook that makes me sad, mad and many other emotions.
I've seen too many misuses of this social media.  More so than Twitter (which I've just started Tweeting a few months ago).  Facebook has reunited friends and families and even helped find donors and been a force with other causes.  It is sometimes my weather channel, my sports update and 'real news feed', but.....it has also become the venting ground between friends, families, husbands and wives.
I have mixed feelings about husband and wives interaction on Facebook, as well as children and parents interaction....if you live in the same house, can't you talk to eachother?  It's one thing to announce a birthday of your family member or other special occasion, but I've seen more personal stuff spewed out there....good and bad....
But recently I've seen friendships and marriages 'break up'.
If you are going through something with your spouse, don't post some of those pointed 'quotes', it's obvious it's targeted toward them....don't post Adele songs, don't start 'liking' their pictures from years ago...it all hits that new ticker and newsfeed!  It makes it painfully obvious.....
Then there is the 'fake' happiness, we all know you are going through something, but then you start posting all these cute and happy things, almost saying to your 'spouse', hey, it's ok, I'm good without you!  Sorry, all that needs to be kept personal and now splattered all over Facebook!
I know I've been guilty of 'venting', but it is never about anything so very personal.  Yes, I put out there prayers for my mom who battled colon cancer recently, and yes I've vented about work, but nothing so clear that anyone would really know the details.....
Well, I am probably blabbing a lot, but the other reason I am writing this is because once again I deactivated (temporarily) my personal page, for fear of putting something out there that I will regret...as I've been dealing with some personal issues myself with a 'friend'.  I can't go into details and I've done the 'defriending' thing before which led to hurt feelings....unfortunately this person is related to a very good friend and I know I should just forget about it...which is sometimes easier said than done.....

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  1. I totally agree! Some people get way to personal on FB. Dirty laundry needs to be kept at home. I also really dislike seeing profanity on FB and have unfollowed some people for this reason.