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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Tip! GREEK YOGURT!

I don't know about you, but I'm a dipper!  I love to dip snack foods into something creamy!  But we all know those creamy dips are filled with unwanted calories!  There is a substitute ladies and gentlemen and you probably would never think of it unless I told you.  Sure you can get the tasteless low fat or no fat sour cream, but, did you ever try Greek Yogurt??
Not only is it a sour cream substitute, but cream, mayonnaise or cream cheese sub as well!
Why you ask?  Because I said so, no, just kidding!
  • It contains more protein!
  • It is lower in fat!
  • It contains less sugar!
  • It is lower in carbs!
  • It is easier to digest
  • It is dense and so high in protein it keeps you fuller longer!
Check out the link for some more information, uses and recipes!
Personally, I like Chobani Yogurt and it is available in most supermarkets:  Link to Chobani Yogurt
But, I will admit that I buy what's on sale or what I may have a coupon for!
So always look for a healthier substitute!
That's my Tuesday Tip!


  1. I love greek yogurt. It's pretty expensive though, so I make my own by straining my homemade yogurt. Can you tell I'm a penny pincher? lol

  2. Thanks April...like I said, usually buy what's on sale or have a coupon for too! LOL!

  3. Been reading so much about Greek yogurt I want to try it. Hope I find it here in our place.

    The Twerp and I

  4. Cool, thanks for the follow!!!