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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Whatever Happened to Wednesday - BAY CITY ROLLERS!!

This is dedicated to my friends, many of which were BCR FANATICS and partook in ROLLERMANIA!!
  ps...you know who you are!  
Get out your TARTAN!  LOL!!!! :)
To their 'Scottish' credit, they were not a one hit wonder band, the actually had a few hits!
Ok, can you name them all?  Another group that went through a few band members during their 'rein'.
Credit goes to Wikipedia
Let's start with the lead singer:
Leslie (Les) McKeown:  He was not the original lead singer, did you know that?  He had some drug and alcohol problems and was also bisexual!  He dabbled in music after Rollermania.  He is married and has a son.  He e still tours with his current band, "Les McKeown's Legendary Bay City Rollers" (he is the only former Roller in the band)
 Eric Faulkner, guess you can say he was the lead guitarist!  He still dabbles in music as well as a solo artist.  He performs some of the 'Roller' hits as Eric Faulkner's Bay City Rollers.  Didn't find any 'drug or alcohol problems documented, good for him!

Stuart John "Woody' Wood:  Rhythm and bass guitarist.  Woody, as we all know him, co-wrote many of the BCR songs.  He still lives in Edinburgh with his wife Denise and still active in the music industry producing music.  In 2007, he produced a DVD documentary of his life story, Rollercoaster.
Derek Longmuir, the drummer and one of the founding members.  Derek retired from the music biz in the 80s and became a nurse.  He got in a little trouble admitting to possessing child pornography (EWE!).  His foster son claims he was innocent and was framed, but Derek pleaded guilty to avoid a media circus.  
Alan Longmuir, Derek's older brother, co-founder and bass guitarist.  Alan was replaced by Ian Mitchell, 10 years his junior at the height of the band's popularity.  Alan was rumored to have tried to commit suicide.  He rejoined the group in 1978 and played the lead in the film Burning Rubber in 1981, an augo-racing melodrama filmed in South Africa.  Currently he is in poor health, suffered a heart attached in 95 and stroke in 97. He lives in Scotland with his wife Eileen.

 Ian Mitchell replaces Alan in the group.  He didn't stay long, just 7 months, but he did participate in some reunions in the 80s.  Ian became a US citizen in 2005 and owns an entertainment company in Orange County, California with his wife, Wendy-Ann Antanaitis, and performs regularly.
Mitchell uses the name Bay City Rollers featuring Ian Mitchell; however, Ian is the only former Bay City Roller in his group. The line-up includes Craig Else (former member of the South African band Petit Cheval.), lead vocalist Eric Crabb, and Carlo Driggs formerly of Paul Revere and the Raiders.
Patrick James "Pat" McGlynn replaces Ian Mitchell in the group.  In May 2005, McGlynn and former Rollers lead singer Les McKeown were arrested and later cleared on drug charges.  He currently lives in Edinburgh with his wife and daughter.



  1. Anal Academy (1993)
    Ian Mitchell was also involved in the shoot - but this time he had been booked as location chef rather than the on-screen star. It seemed strange in a way to see someone who had played huge stadium gigs with The Bay City Rollers who were, in their time, the biggest band in the United Kingdom, now making sandwiches and tea for completely unknown porno actors. Such I guess is the fickleness of fame and celebrity!

    It would be great to hear from Ian in his words what the was like working on the shoot.

  2. Hi,
    Can you please post pictures of the Rollers with their wives? :D And how they all met?