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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Even if you aren't the most athletic person in the world OR if you haven't done much of anything in a while, get up and get moving!!!  
Please read the article on Yahoo, even a little exercise is good for you!!!   

Remember these simple moves on Wonderama (come on,  you know you watched it!)  LOL!

You don't have to be Jillian Michaels and do all these fancy moves.  
Just WALK!  
That's it, WALK!  
Then guess what, your walk can go into a little trot, then a little jog and then a little run!!  
Don't forget to do a little stretching (that's right, like you did in gym class, I know you remember!) before and after.
Then when you start to feel a little bold, get a pair of weights (3 or 5lbs is good) and do some strengthening for your arms.  
Don't forget to throw in a few crunches in there as well!  
The next thing you know you dropped a few pounds and maybe even a dress or pants size!!!!
Don't overdo it, you know what's right for you and what's not.  
Just get moving, plain and simple!
That's exactly what I did after being sedentary for a few years.  
Of course I also ate healthier, but I truly believe exercise is the key to weigh loss and weight maintenance.
So that is my Tuesday Tip!  
Please get out there and MOVE!


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