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Not sure what I am exactly doing yet....but it's fun so far!!! So follow me and let's see where this blog takes us!

Sentimental Saturday - yes, I am a Sentimental Sap!

So I am sitting here thinking of what to do for Sentimental Saturday.  At first, I was going to have it be more of a 'Flashback' type thing.  But, with Whatever Happened to Wednesday takes care of that!
So, is this then my own sentimental thoughts......sentimental pictures......ok, now I am tearing up (I do that a lot, must warn you).
I definately reflect a lot on the past and am ver sentimental.  I've called myself a 'sentimental sap' many times!  So perhaps this is my own personal sentimental journey of sorts......what do you think....well, come back tomorrow to see!