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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday-do something nice today.....

So today is the first Thoughtful Thursday.  I think everyone has been very thoughtful with the support given to Caylee Anthony.  I see so many posts on Facebook and hear there are just as many on Twitter.  Porch lights on events are being held and I also see petitions being sent around, beautiful support statues and pictures of Caylee. 

I really have no words for this whole situation.  Like I said on another post on Facebook, it's all been said.....but I do want to say that every day, try to spread a little sunshine. 

I know when I know I've made somebody laugh, smile or feel good, it in turn makes me feel good....remember folks, it's not all about you!

Do something really nice today.  Give a compliment, hold the door open for a stranger, help a senior citizen cross the street or carry their grocery bags.  Make a donation to a charity, call a friend that's going through a tough time, or just go on people's Facebook, Twitter or Blog page and just say 'Hi, how are you today'?

I bet it will make you feel good about yourself......try to do a small deed every day.....not just on Thoughtful Thursday.


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