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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sentimental Saturday? But it's Sunday!

I did it again! Guess Saturdays are too busy lately, therefore, I may change to Wacky Weekend Watch or something more along the weekend theme!
Today is my sister's birthday and it is also 1 year ago that my mom had surgery (we thought to fix her colon up) and the surgeon found cancer.  It was a long road of recover, it still is.  She will be starting radiation now.  A very tough year for her and our family.  Even though we got through it, the scars are still fresh.  She battled breast cancer twice, but this was different.  She was older and weaker.
I have to say many of my Facebook friends were so very supportive this last year.  Facebook was a venting mechanism and also a prayer call out.   

Today is also my sister Theresa's birthday!  As you can imagine, it wasn't a very happy one for her last year.  But since her and her family and friends are in Disney, I am sure she is making up for it!

I am thankful and greatful that I have both of my parents still with us, especially for my daughter, who is able to get to know both sets of her grandparents.  But it is still a little sad for me today, it seemed as if everything changed after that day.  So here is a little 'poem' describing how I've been feeling not only today, but lately (for so many reasons).
I long for the days of yesteryear
When everything seemed so clear
When everyone seemed so dear
Now things aren’t so near
 it all took a veer
Now not sure as I shed a tear

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