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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Talk to me Tuesday

Ok...so today is Talk to me Tuesday...need any advice on anything? Diet, health, exercise, motherhood, relationships?
I know that I feel like I need someone to talk to....I do have a little problem and would also like to hear from you all.
I recently saw something posted on Facebook that offended and upset me. I was very tempted to respond to the person, but didn't. I ignored it, but now I feel very disappointed and a bit of disrespect going on and this was a person that I thought we had a nice friendship. Know this person for a very long time and well.....it's not the first time I felt this way on something they posted. I am deciding whether to 'unfriend' or not, this person thinks the post was meant to be funny and others seem to think it's funny, but maybe I am being a bit overreactive? Oh well....Love to hear from you!

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