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Thursday, August 18, 2011

25 yrs ago today Slippery When Wet was released & my love affair began

If you know me at all, you know I am the BIGGEST Bon Jovi Fan!!  
1986-1987 was a special time in my life and these guys added to it!  
Seems as if they were always there (Always is a Bon Jovi song)!
  I've seen them in concert a few times, New Years Eve 1986 and I met them, had front row at that concert!
Then saw them a few years later at a small club, again, right up front and met Jon and Richie again!  
In the early 90s, I drifted away a bit, not sure why...maybe because Jon got married?  
Or because the band at that time were burned out and 'took a break' from each other? 
Whatever the case, the swooning came back in the late 90s!  
Attended another concert in the summer of 2006.  
Then the next notable concert was at the new Giants stadium on my birthday in 2010!  
The most recent one was March of this year......
Of course had all the 'albums' on tape and then CD and now iPod!  LOL!  
Have many concert Ts (vintage 1986 one too) and still have a poster that was hanging in my room!  
Yes, Bon Jovi was, IS my BEATLES!