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Monday, August 15, 2011

Motivate me Monday! - Motivation comes in all flavors!

Just like ice cream, motivation also comes in different flavors.  
Thinking about that as I contemplate what to write for my
'Motivate me Monday' blogspot. 
So these are some of my personal motivation, what are yours?

When I was younger, I was motivated to do well to make my parents proud of me.
Now I am motivated for my daughter, not only to make a better life for her, but to also set a good example. 

I must admit there was a time when I was motivated by a certain someone that I had deep feelings for....but learned that was the wrong source of motivation that ultimately left me heartbroken :(

I think some people are motivated for the wrong reasons, fame or greediness.  
But most have motivation that comes deep from within themselves.  

Having said that, found this quote, wow!:

Have a Motivated Monday!


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