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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday-Whatever Happened to Regular Vodka? It got better thanks to Devotion!

Everybody is fairly health conscious these days, right?  
Counting calories and making better choices.  
So what is one to do if you want to enjoy a cocktail?
We all know many are full of unwanted calories with no nutritional value at all (unless you throw some fruit in your drink!)
Then do you have to settle for a light beer?  
OR can you choose a cocktail with Devotion Vodka???
Hey, I'm a girl, last thing I wanted is to be more bloated!  
Plus holding a pretty martini glass is more up my alley!  ;)
Enough about me, back to Devotion Vodka!

Infused with Casein (a protein found in milk and other dairy products and a main component in cheese) and containing 105 calories in 1.5 oz serving, Devotion Vodka makes a great companion in a martini or other concoction or by itself!

So as founder and president of the company says:
'if you are going to be bad, you might as well be good'.
Oh and by the way, that very smart man is Andrew Adelman.
 He is also a hometown hero of Avenel, NJ (my hometown)
So get a bottle (or two or more) and tell everyone:
'Whatever happened to regular vodka', cause now you know!
don't drink and drive!!
drink responsibly!!
yep, that's me with the founder and president!
Devotion Vodka Colonia High Reunion May 2010

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