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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wednesday Words - His Love is Pretend

Here is another one from the attic.  Circa 9th grade?  In the same era as the other poem.  Once again, don't know who it might have been written about (well, maybe).  Hope you enjoy the pain of young love.

When I saw him at first, I knew he was for me.
But I didn't think this could be.
I could practically see in his eyes of blue.
And if he loved me, this love would be true.

Then he said "Hi" the very next day.
I knew my love would never run away.

Then he asked me for a date.
He and I could hardly wait.
While we walked down the street,
I could hear nothing but my heart beat.
Then he said the magic words.
I love you was all I heard.

Then I felt his lips next to mine.
All I thought was "this is fine".
Then this evening came to an end.....
And unfortunately it was only pretend.....

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