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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday Words - Heart Throb

Not quite sure when I wrote this, can guess probably in junior high.  I know this was not written about Jon Bon Jovi, because he wasn't a 'Heart Throb' then.  Hmmm, maybe it was Scott Baio?  Jack Wagner?  John Stamos?  John Travolta??
Trying to think about the heart throbs back then and nobody comes to mind that I had such a crush on that would warrant this poem!  Guess we will never know!  Oh well, let's pretend it is for Jon!  LOL!

I saw his face in a magazine,
that of one I've never seen,
and I knew right there and then,
my love to him I would send.
He is very popular, that I know,
But a chance to meet him I wouldn't let go.
I would send letters to him everyday,
who knows, maybe he'll just throw them away.
In a few years this teenage heart throb will be gone,
but there's one thing, his memories will linger on.


  1. How cute! If I had wrote this poem, it would have been for john stamos. I had such a crush on him...uncle jesse from full house :)
    I still do.
    Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. Hi there! Debs Dealz returning the follow! Thanks!


  3. me too probably, altho had a thing for 'Frisco' too!! lol!!

  4. Ha! SO funny! Loved the poem and the inability to remember what handsome heart throb it was written for. Gotta love love when we were young. So happy to have found your site! Thanks for connecting via twitter. Happy seeing beautiful!