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Monday, September 19, 2011

Motivate Me Monday - 10 reason to be motivated today!

Today is Monday and hope everyone had a great weekend.  
Maybe these are my 10 reasons to be motivated today, but some may also apply to you! 
So have a great Motivating Monday!
  1. If you are reading this, you woke up!
  2. At least 1 person is counting on you to get going and do what you need to do today!
  3. Your favorite football team won (JETS) !!
  4. You want to catch up on the Emmy news and fashion do's and dont's !!
  5. You want to watch the season premier of Two and a Half men just to see Ashton K (oh and how the heck they 'write' dear Charlie out !
  6. Fall is officially upon us at the end of the week and all the pumpkin treats are out (Starbucks and DD) and A/C can be turned off so you can save $$$ on the electric bill!
  7. 5 more days until Friday!
  8. You made it through at least 1 week of back to school stuff and traffic!
  9. You decided on your Halloween costume !
  10. You have re-connected with so many friends on Facebook & other social medias!

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