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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday Tip - Time to get back on Track!

It's time to get back on track!  Personally, I was good and bad this summer, but a little bad this last week!  Afraid to get on the scale, but I know a few pounds found their way to my tummy!  Today is the day to get back on track!

My tip is to keep a food diary!  Yes, it helped my and there are many free ones out there these days.  I used this one :  My Calorie Counter  At first I was so detailed, tracking everything, but then got a little lax after I dropped quite a few lbs.  For example, I didn't keep track on the weekends.  When using a diary and checking the labels, you can mentally calculate the approximate caloric intake.  But it sure helps to get you started (or re-started in my case!)

So let's do it together starting today!

Me before my weight loss!

 me now, but still need to loose a few!

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