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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Plan B?

Gone are the days where you work for a prestigious company and stay there forever.  Many jobs are unfortunately leaving the US and going into 'emerging markets' in other countries.  There has been a lot of uncertainty in my company, which leaves me pondering a Plan B.
I've always loved to write.  In second grade I wrote a haiku which sparked something inside of me.  I still have that Japanese poem, it was accompanied by some artwork too.  It is in one of the many boxes of precious memories in my attic.  I must dig it out along with another story that had my college writing class in tears.  It was a story about my sister Joanne.  The teacher read it aloud to the class, he said it was one of the most descriptive pieces he's ever read.
Then there were a few other pieces I wrote in college and even had an idea for a novel back in the 80s.  About 2 years ago, started writing again, mostly poetry, but then this 'blogging' thing came about.  Now I really want to get into it, but I need to think, should I have a 'gimic'?  or just be me?  That would mean I write about a little of this and a little of that...a poem here and a quote there.
I do have an idea for a novel, perhaps I should start making an outline.  Nevertheless, I am very happy that my daughter seems to have inherited the writing gene.  She wrote a beautiful poem a year or two ago that I posted on Facebook and everyone loved it.  She too has an idea for a book series for children.
I know I'll never make the money that I do being in the pharmaceutical business, but, Plan B would allow me to have a flexible schedule and I would be doing something I love.  Not sure I really love my job any more (I use to)....oops, did I just write that?  Oh well, I always speak and write the truth.

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