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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

4th of July Memories for the upcoming weekend!

Everyone has fond summer and 4th of July memories. My fondest are the 4th of July picnics spent at my Aunt Marie and Uncle George's house in Milburn. I recall my cousin Joe bringing a different 'girlfriend' every year...sorry Joe... :) The food, fun and games were the best. We all loved that house, the yard continued into the woods and the lake was down the street. I remember walking in those woods, exploring and walking near the lake. I also remember having the entire family around, I miss that....it was so nice seeing my dad with his siblings...ok...waterworks.....you know why....
There were some great 4ths and un-memorable 4ths....I hope everyone makes this one a memorable 4th!
I have some other thoughts...but I choose to keep them to myself...if you don't mind :)

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