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Saturday, March 8, 2014

It's sum-sum-summer time when all kids deserve to be outside playing and participating in all of the summer time favorites that most of us take for granted.

I'm asking you to help an underprivileged kid to get outdoors this summer to experience hitting a home run, splashing in the pool, fishing in the creek, climbing tall trees or leaving the city to pitch a tent under the stars.
There are so many children whose parents can't afford sports registration fees, pool admissions, sports equipment, and especially the high cost of camps. But, with your help, a child could  take in the sights, sounds and experiences that summer has to offer. 
My name is Denise W, and this is my campaign to make a difference. As a social worker,  I have spent many years working with kids who yearn to play a summer sport, jump in a pool to escape the summer heat or sit frightened listening to ghost stories around a camp fire.
With your help, those yearnings will become a reality...hot, sweaty, sun burn kids running freely outside playing, fishing, swimming, climbing, and having the time of their life because of your generosity. 
Thank you!

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